Ethos Rainwater Harvesting serves Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding areas with high-quality Rainwater Harvesting Systems. We offer design, consultation, and installation services.

Utilizing runoff and storm water as a resource, we specialize in both active (cisterns) and passive (earthworks or land-shaping) installations. Our passion for the efficient use of water drives us to not only innovate using modern techniques, but also look to history for inspiration as to what worked in a time without electricity and pumps. We believe rainwater harvesting should be both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly. As Tucson's premier rainwater harvesting company, Ethos takes a holistic approach to both our passive and active systems. Our goal is to be part of a greener, cooler, and more sustainable Southern Arizona. 
Tucson Water will REBATE qualifying residential Rainwater Harvesting System costs up to $2,000 and
Greywater Systems up to $1,000.

See how our Groundwater Levels in the Active Management Areas of Arizona have changed from 1970 to 2008. More data well be available soon!