Water is our most precious and increasingly scarce resource. With the convenience of instant drinking water at the turn of a knob, in a wide range of ways water has lost its value. Unfortunately it is easy to take this resource for granted and we often forget how much effort goes into getting that water to us. We can conserve the amount of water we use with just a few practices.

Free Water

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) has been in practice since ancient times throughout the world. Rainwater harvesting is still the only water resource for many societies today. Although the methods and materials have changed over time the human need for water has not. Here in Tucson the majority of the water we use is brought to us via the Central Arizona Project that brings water from the Colorado River to you. The cost of this service has a increasingly heavy cost for its users and the environment.  

We can help our local and regional environment by not only using water smart products and being conservation with water use, we can also harvest the the water that falls from the sky to us and reduce the amount of water going into the waste system.