Ethos Rainwater Harvesting can install a wide range of water conservation features. We specialize in cistern design and installation, passive earthworks features in the landscape, greywater systems, water-smart irrigation and landscape
design.  Whether you're looking for a smaller, above grade cistern or large underground systems, Ethos can help you find and create what you're looking for. Visit our Active Rainwater Systems page to learn more. 

Actively storing rainwater isn't the only option to reduce runoff and benefit the landscape. Passive earthworks systems rely on gravity to move water from its source to its destination. There are no storage containers (cisterns), so the water is distributed as it enters the features and soaks into the soil. Most systems consist of berms (raised mounds placed on contour) and basins (depressions in the landscape designed to hold water and allow it to be used by the surrounding vegetation). Visit our Passive Rainwater Systems page to learn more.

A typical house can reuseof its waste water as a source of water for the landscape. This waste water is called greywater.
Greywater is collected from the drains of hand wash sinks, showers/bathtubs, and laundry machines. This water can be used to directly irrigate the landscape instead of draining into the municipal waste system.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting
Reduced Reliance on Groundwater | Flood Control | Erosion Control | Improved Plant Growth | Improved Soil Quality 
Green Island Effect | Fire Protection | Stormwater Management and Quality - Residential Scale & Regional Scale