"Just wanted to again let you both know how happy it makes me to see our yard evolving into a  beautiful outdoor space. The work you both do is truly impressive and amazing.  I look forward to seeing how the rest comes together.  Even without plantings, it is a work of art. I'm excited to add plants, color and have an outdoor space where I can finally invite friends to sit outside with no apologies for the ugliness.  This is a long overdue project for us and I am more than pleased with what you have done" ~ Mary, Northwest Tucson

"It is pretty incredible. I am very happy. . . 
Everything is wonderful and I love the look, design and energy that you both put into it." ~ 
Gerri, Three Points

"Everything is working as it should. Good job. I can even hear the small overflow tank being filled. No leaks. . . Thanks for your work and your need to make sure it is done right." ~ William, East Tucson

"I write to thank you for the outstanding work you did with the cistern installation at the M. Center. It gives me great pride to take people to show them “how it should be done”. It makes our other plastic cistern look a little “less good” " ~ Paul, Tucson